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The best possible operating conditions for the MEM industry – that is the cause to which Swissmem has pledged itself. Nevertheless it is no easy task. Constant efforts are needed at all political and official levels.


In order to ensure that the MEM industry continues to create value and jobs in Switzerland, the sector requires an economic, social, educational and energy policy framework that is conducive to entrepreneurial success.


With the strength of more than 1,000 member companies behind it, Swissmem can make its voice heard in its dealings with politicians, government, the media and the general public. Regular meetings with members of parliament are held. Swissmem also has direct contact with senior representatives of the federal administration and participates actively on important federal committees. Furthermore, Swissmem provides expert opinions on specialist issues during official consultation procedures.


These activities focus on the following areas:


Employment policy
Social policy
Foreign trade policy
Training policy
Innovation policy
Economic policy
Energy and environmental policy


The advantages of a Swissmem membership.

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